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Book: "Futsal, From Basics to High Performances"

Methods and Training Processes

Even though the Futsal Modality is widespread and practiced in Brazil, we still have a great need for theoretical research about the game variables, tactical understanding and, mainly, the concepts that guide our work methodology.

Currently, there’s an absence of specialized literature with focus on the technical/tactical aspect of our modality, which, in my opinion, delays our growth and the development of a patterned methodology for a safe teaching/developing.

Being considered a dynamic modality with a high degree of unpredictability, Futsal has attributes of its own and a wide combination of physical and motor statistics, it’s rich with specific gestures and focus on performance at a high speed, as well as the need for individual development in multiple positions of the game.

With the difficulties researching and fundaments, our sport rests upon mechanistic techniques that neglects the best of what we have to offer, the technical gestures, the ability to control the ball.

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